1、 输送量:50吨/小时
2、 装机功率:5.5Kw+1.5Kw+2.2Kw+1.1Kw
3、 进仓高度:4.5-7.5米
4、 机重:2吨

Product overview
1, the throughput: 50 tons/hour
2, installed power: 5.5 Kw+1.5 Kw+1.5 Kw+1.1 Kw
3, into the warehouse height: 4.5-4.5 meters
4, machine: 2 tons

This machine is a dedicated to the granary into use mobile as a large room in the warehouse, warehouse equipment, this machine can transport within a tier of grain to 6 meters height, also can cover positions in through the window outside warehouse operation, the machine adopts electric, mobile convenience.

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