DSF型 电液动三通分料器

    DSF-A(B、C、D、E)型 电液动三通分料器采用了电液推杆作动力源。因其具有自动过载保护性能,当运行受阻时,油路中压力增高到调定的限额,溢流阀迅速而准确地溢流,实行过载保护。电机运转在额定值内不会烧毁。当推杆运行至调定行程终端时,电液推杆油路集成块中设计了自锁机构,电机停止,活塞杆则自锁在此位置上,处于保压状态。
    DSF - (A, B, C, D, E) three reduction to common denomiator type electric hydraulic device uses electric hydraulic draw stem as a power source.Because of its automatic overload protection performance, when run up, increases pressure in the oil to the setting of limits, the overflow, overflow valve quickly and accurately for overload protection.The motor operates within the rating will not burn.When push rod run to the set itinerary terminal, electric hydraulic draw stem hydraulic integrated block design the self-locking mechanism, motor stops, the piston rod is latching position on this, in the state of pressure keeping.
   The DSF - A (B) three reduction to common denomiator type electric hydraulic device can be used for material reversing/shunt.And allow the obsolete material circulation commutation;DSF - C (D and E) type electric hydraulic SanNeng distributor plastic can be used for reversing, and has the function of the gate;At the same time control the material to cut off or the role of circulation at the same time.Working principle is through the electric hydraulic draw stem drive SanNeng the distributor rotor institutions, to control turning, turning, reach the role of material commutation.This product can be directly to the upper flange joint under tape sports a funnel or other equipment, material interface, its are commonly used in bulk density less than or equal to 2.8 t/m3 and grinding cut larger, under the condition of poor working conditions.Considering the structure size, weight, big (wearing plate thicker), the upper flange can't bear its weight, use must be according to actual circumstances, plus support.
适用介质 含尘固体颗粒或粉料 电源电压 380V50HZ
适用温度 ≤350℃ 调节特性 常规情况二位开关式
电液推杆型号 DYT系列 特殊情况4-20m A电信号

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