1.Product overview
    T/L dehydrated bucket elevator is suitable for the ascension of washing coal, coal gangue, and cooling after calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer, T/L dehydrated bucket elevator is applicable to transport other block after washing or granular material, material in the process of transfering, but under the action of gravity dehydration on its own.For large materials and less strict water products, such as jigging separation operation of coal, coal gangue can be used T/L dehydrated bucket elevator directly as the final dewatering equipment, the factory in the end product.For more fine granularity, or dehydration is not too easy, water and asked to compare strict product, T/L dehydrated bucket elevator can be used as a preliminary dewatering equipment.Such as coarse slime recovery operation, sludge pit precipitation slurry can be the first T/L dehydrated bucket elevator preliminary dehydration, with further dehydration screen and centrifugal dehydrator for final dehydration.
    T/L dehydrated bucket elevator as machinery and equipment are commonly used in the coal preparation plant, T/L dehydrated bucket elevator is the design of advanced automation degree, structure arrangement, the use of safety, reliability, continuity and efficient operation will directly affect the cost of production of coal preparation plant.Therefore, to deal with its design theory and method research, in order to select reasonable structure, saving the cost of production.

    T/L dewatering bucket elevator can be divided into the type bucket elevator and sludge pit type bucket elevator, the dehydration type bucket elevator is mainly used in coal washery of jigging washing coal or coal gangue lifting transportation and dehydration, sludge pit type bucket elevator is used for ascension in the tank from sludge pit cleaned coal and fine coal, big grain and make the material in the process of ascension to dehydration.Dehydration type bucket elevator with a total of eight kinds of specifications: T3240, T3260, T4060, T4080, T40100, T50100, T50120, T50140 tail components bearing housings in the tail outside shell, convenient maintenance.

1, T/L dehydrated bucket elevator compact structure, large hoisting height, maintenance is convenient.
2, T/L dehydrated bucket elevator running smoothly, dehydration effect is good.
3, T/L dehydrated bucket elevator bucket capacity per meter according to the basic arithmetic progression, is advantageous to the equipment type selection.

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